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NETeller provides the fastest and most secure way to transfer cash online. We provide same-day payments and virtually instant cash transfers. You pay no charges for transfers to and from Merchants. There are 5 ways to fund a NETeller account:

1. Instacash

2. F-cash deposit

3. Electronic Funds Transfer

4. Bank Deposit / Wire

5. Visa or Mastercard (Only)

PrePaid ATM

This is only available on the Flash Casino

Send money in seconds! You can purchase without revealing your name, card number or personal information! This card is so powerful � you are protected by 3 levels of security!!

You have 5 ways to fund your PrePaid ATM accoumt:

  • Card to Card Transfer
  • Western Union
  • PayPal
  • ACH
  • Wire Transfer


Please note that as of the 1st October, PayPal are no longer accepting CREDIT CARD FUNDED online gambling transactions. Players can however, still fund their PayPal account using the INSTANT TRANSFER OPTION0020 and the E-Check option.

Over 15 million users in 37 countries.

$5 Free (in your PayPal account) when you sign up.

Money can be transferred from Checking or Savings accounts as well as Credit or Debit Cards.

Total Security - your account cannot be charged with more than you choose to fund it with.

Casino credits purchased using PayPal will be available for use at the casino immediately.

Once you have a PayPal account you can purchase off the banking page within the software as per normal.

Direct Bank Transfer (ACH)

An ACH (or Automatic Clearing House) transfer is, simply, a bank transfer from one banking account to another. By purchasing via this method, funds are transferred from the player's bank account to that of Proc Cyber Services.

Free � no charges at all

US residents only

ACH takes 8 days to clear

Credit Card Purchases

Our e-cash merchant, Proc - Cyber Services & SendVia accept both Visa and MasterCard. Approved transactions are automatically credited to the player's Casino Account.

Wire Transfer

This is an electronic transfer of money from the player's bank account into the e-cash merchant's bank account.

  • You don't need a credit card to transfer funds, only a bank account.
  • All associated costs, subject to a maximum of 10% (ten percent) of the amount transferred, will be refunded as casino credits upon receipt of adequate proof of such costs.

Due to new processing procedures instituted by Visa players may be experiencing difficulties with FirePay accounts. Players can fund their FirePay account via a U.S. bank account. It is one of the most reliable ways to deposit money into your FirePay Account, and players also get faster access to withdrawn funds.

  • Sign up for your FREE account.
  • A FirePay Personal Account is a FREE Web-based account that works like a debit card - you deposit money into your FirePay Personal Account, and then use the money to purchase online.
  • Fund your account with a bank transfer/ACH.
  • Total Security - your account cannot be charged with more than you choose to fund it with.
  • Purchase at any site that accepts FirePay.
  • Receive automatic e-mail confirmation of all your purchases.
Review your account activity at any time.

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